Happy Thanksgiving to All, and to All a Happy Day!

Happy Thanksgiving and here is a rundown of the events in my real life…

Pre-T Day Festivities:

Peeled potatoes, made cornbread pies, concocted a yummy ham glaze, colored my hair and pampered my toes!

Good Morning – Thanksgiving Day:

Woke up early, got the potatoes boiling, packaged and loaded up all the fixings for the trip to the parents, took a shower, smashed and bashed the potatoes, got dressed and primped (even the little one got her share of lip gloss), and went off with the munchkin to the family event.

Once there, we had 3 cooks in the kitchen (Mom, Dad, and Me), working feverishly to get everything “good to go”!

We had turkey, ham, veggies, cornbread pies, stuffing, cranberry sauce, pumpkin and custard pies.

All in all, it was nice to see the family all together and I even documented some of the festivities below:

Next on the docket, the movie Burlesque with my friend and then some crazy Black Friday shopping!  I will share with you all about it more when I get out of the really real world and back into this Matrix-like box! =D


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