When The Going Gets Tough….

…We hide under our desks?

That’s right, under the desk and conducting a personal meeting…

All joking aside, life has become more complicated these days.  It seems like the older I get, the more life tosses obstacles in my path; challenges if you will.  Now, I am not saying that I can’t handle them, I am just saying that they are aggravating, annoying, and sometimes uncontrollable.

I try to take the “good” with the “bad”, but sometimes that “bad” can seem a heck of a lot more potent than the “good”.  It makes me think of those old posters you could buy at the book fairs at school.  Some form of cute kitten in a pot of spaghetti and a caption that says (paraphrasing), “They never remember all the good, but they sure do remember when I am bad”.  Sometimes, I think life can be a little like that.  When so many bad things pop up all at once, it can seem a bit overbearing, and it becomes hard to envision all the good things that are still there.

Today, I was recalling a bit of the things that had me unhappy and it put me in sort of a funk.  Now, I would like to recall a few of the better things in life, and begin to focus on those instead:

Me and the Little One
  • Probably the most treasured thing of all time; the bond between the little one and me. =)
  • The man and boyfriend in my life.
  • A best friend who just “gets” me.
  • Quality friendships over a mass quantity of douchebags.
  • A decent job that pays the bills.
  • A pretty cool set of parents.
  • A roof over my head.
  • Hobbies and things that I enjoy outside of my chosen profession.
  • Some tricks and talents.
  • An odd assortment of pets.

I am sure this list could go on, but you get the point.

There are many things to be thankful for, even if it isn’t always at the surface.  Sometimes, we just have to sort through all the muck.  Uncertainties, impossibilities, boundaries, limitations, improbabilities, and all the other negatives to find all the good that is worth much more to cling tightly to.

The holidays are rapidly approaching and I am going to have a lot of things and responsibilities to manage.  I will, hopefully, keep these blogs current and hopefully report back on all the really real things going on in my world!


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