Octoberfest Came to a Close

We had good times, fun times, laughing times, lazy times, and more than anything, we had together times here in Florida.

We made homemade Ramen (Naruto Style)

We had tasty beer, or took silly pictures of beer that reminded me of my behbeh. =)

 Even got to see the munchkin promote to her Brown Belt!!!

We had fun in the sun…

…And, just like a sunset, it was time for him to head home. 

It is pretty quiet here now, and I can’t say I enjoy the silence, however, I know this will not last forever.  One day, the farthest I hope we have to travel to see each other is home from work.  At least it was an amazingly great time, even though our adventures did not stray to far from the swamp!

I look forward to doing it again soon. 


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