Octoberfest – H and Z Style

A warm welcome for my baby…from my friend…

 It is that time again, kiddies…It is vacation time in Florida for me and my behbeh.  As you can see, my friend even preemptively said, “Welcome”, in the dust of my car.  One of the many joys of living down a dirt road near, as we call it, a swamp, however, it is more of a slough (Cypress Slough to be exact).

On day one, he got into town around 2 PM, we hit up the adult Candyland (a.k.a. Total Wine), grabbed some Taco Bell, attempted to swim and relax with some beers by the pool, and finally made it to the hot tub…

Day two consisted of breakfast (wheat pancakes and eggs), taking a walk, swimming, hot tubbing, going to dinner with my friend and her husband (this was the first meeting of everyone), and saw the movie ‘Devil’ (cheesy, but alright).

Day three was grocery shopping, grilling, chili making, and a whole lot of relaxing (see the yummy grilling below)…

Day four; corned beef hash and eggs for breakfast, more walking around, my behbeh made us the coffee, hit up Walmart for an air pump for the floats, swam around (I floated) for a bit, drank some tasty beers, ordered some Dominos Pizza, watched some SG1 until bed time.

Who knows what today will bring, but I can guarantee if it involves my behbeh and me, it will certainly be a blast!

I will report back in a few days….


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