What A Week!


I am back from my trip (out in that crazy i.r.l.) and it was great; so many wonderful memories to treasure.

First and foremost, I went out to spend the long weekend with my boyfriend in Oklahoma.  I got in to OKC around 11 PM and had to make a pit-stop at Wal-Mart on the way home for a hair dryer, Soy Milk, and dental floss (odd combo, I know).

Once home (the OK home), we got situated and went to bed because we had an exciting day coming up on Friday; JOHN MAYER!!!!

This was our first official concert together!

We had a blast…(even though we sat next to some really snotty, stuck-up whoooo-orz, which I gave the old Karma Police smack down)…

That handsome individual is my boyfriend, and the other one is Captain Obvious (Me)!

Owl City opened up for John, and they did pretty good.

John Mayer covering the Rolling Stones and a Mick Jagger face (Beast of Burden)

Such an energetic show, and he really seemed to be enjoying the Tulsa BOK Center vibe!

After the concert, we had a long trip back from Tulsa and I was tired.  A one hour time change plus the exhaustion from the week caught up to me and I tried to sleep the whole trip back.  It only worked a little (the whole sleep thing).

Finally made it home.  Watched something that I am pretty sure I fell asleep to, and then went to bed.  I believe a lot of vegging out ensued the rest of the weekend, which included watching movies, stand-up comedy, listening to the Sooners opening game, going to breakfast with his parents, eating an Ultimate Feast at Red Lobster, and who could forget the awesome “Beer and Pizza” consumption?!?!?!

Finally, it was time to head home….

Or, so we thought.

Apparently, a little TS named Hermine decided I needed to extend my stay.  We spent a few hours at the airport on Monday, only to find out that my flight needed to be rescheduled…multiple times….

A long story made short, I was able to get a flight Friday morning.  We got a few more days together, which was nice.

Basically, though, I made it back in town and had to pick up my little monster from Tae Kwon Do right after I landed.

It was a craziness, but I wouldn’t chnge it for anything.  We had a wonderful time playing out in the really real world and made great memories to cherish for a lifetime!

In October he will be in Florida to play in the swamps and such….

Stay tuned!!!


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