Going into the Wild…Well, Sort of… =P

Friday was Central Zoo Day with my friend, her son, and my daughter.  The highlight of this really real world event was petting Maude the Elephant.  don’t get me wrong, we saw tons of awesome animals; kangaroo, spider monkeys, badass dart frogs in a myriad of colors, Zebu, Tamarins, giant tortoise, mini-turtles, and many, many others, but we actually got up close and personal with Maude.

This means we got to pet and feed her and take lots of pictures that I decided to share with you all!  So here they are:

The trainer explaining random elephant facts to us (My friend’s sister).

Maude’s Pre-Show (LOL)

Petting Maude

More Maude Petting

The little one feeding Maude directly!

Me petting Maude’s tongue.

The Posing Pic!!!

…And this concludes the wild and crazy trip to the the real life Zoo in Sanford, Florida!!!!


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