What A Week!

Sooooooooo.....I am back from my trip (out in that crazy i.r.l.) and it was great; so many wonderful memories to treasure.First and foremost, I went out to spend the long weekend with my boyfriend in Oklahoma.  I got in to OKC around 11 PM and had to make a pit-stop at Wal-Mart on the way … Continue reading What A Week!


Going into the Wild…Well, Sort of… =P

Friday was Central Zoo Day with my friend, her son, and my daughter.  The highlight of this really real world event was petting Maude the Elephant.  don't get me wrong, we saw tons of awesome animals; kangaroo, spider monkeys, badass dart frogs in a myriad of colors, Zebu, Tamarins, giant tortoise, mini-turtles, and many, many … Continue reading Going into the Wild…Well, Sort of… =P