Two and a Half Hour Lay Over, John Mayer, and Labor Day…Oh My!!!

So, it is counting down once again…crunch time. Too much to do and it is only 2 days away; Oh my!

2 days, 10 hours, 2 minutes, 15 seconds and counting!!!

Back to Oklahoma!!!

I am heading out on Thursday afternoon; Hurricane Earl will get a swift jab to the nuggets if he tries to hinder me from flying out. The only downer is the 2+ hour lay-over in TX (Ewwww!). Friday night is our anniversary John Mayer concert in Tulsa (Yay!), and then it is some much needed chill out and avoid the “magic box” known as the internet holder.

That’s right, I am out in the real world and unshackled from this contraption of interweb holdings.

Then, after a nice weekend with the boyfriend, it will be Labor Day and I will be on a plane to my real life and work (Booo!) on Tuesday.

I am going to forget about that until it is the present, though, and enjoy the moments.

Looking forward to it and I will probably update all of this when I am jacked back into “the matrix” (lol).

Peace and have a safe holiday! =)


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