It's About The Little Things…

Life…Real Life…

It really is about the little things, isn’t it?

Perhaps it’s just me, but I really do take a modicum of joy in the simple things that happen in our lives; remembering a special holiday, people who pay attention to what you say, things that can elevate burdens in your life, support from the most unexpected places, making someone else’s life a little bit nicer, even if it is only briefly, and I am sure there are a million other things I may not recall at the moment.

I don’t believe in things being done because you are being “sweet” or “nice”; I think it comes from being a decent human being. I think those comments are silly. We do things, “nice things”, because it is inherent in our makeup. We care, there for we do something for someone because we know that the care will come across in the act. We know that it will be reciprocated by others, if you choose to surround yourself with like-minded people, that is.

Life and relationships are all the same; give and take. I always enjoyed the simile type description of relationships being like financial institutions. You can deposit and you can withdraw from them, but in the end you should try to keep a positive balance in the bank. You can only withdraw so much before the account goes into the negative, and then you are left with a void that is hard to fill. When you put in too much and never withdraw, you end up feeling pretty broke, even though the bank’s cup overfloweth.

Life and relationships with others are a balancing act, if best and the experience we gain by making those connections are what make us a bit wiser as we go along. It is why I try to work from the golden rule, modified slightly to meet my personality (flawed as it may be), do unto others as you would have done unto yourself. My modification comes from the fact that I tend to treat people the way they treat others. I suppose in that sense, I act like more of a champion for the rest.

If I see someone with a very bitter disposition, I tend to be fairly bitter to them. If I see someone trying their best to get along, I try to see that I can help them along the way. My friend always chants the mantra, “Better, not bitter”, and it makes me chuckle. I try to stay on the “better” path, but it is hard when certain injustices in life try to drag you down.

That is why I believe in those little, simple things.

Recently, I decided to do something because I felt it was the right thing to do. I have another friend who is not fond of her birthday. I am quite similar in that regard, but I feel this friend has stood by me and never judged me for anything I may have or will do in my life.

She deserved to enjoy a surprise.

I made some of her favorite breakfast muffins and our favorite type of cookies, in addition to some small gifts that I knew she would appreciate. I did not spend a lot of money, but then again, I don’t bake for just anyone (lol). The point was to give her a surprise, even if it was just enough to crack a smile, which it did.

So, I am going to leave you all with this:

Be better, not bitter. Even if it is a struggle sometimes, try to think about the “give and take”. Keep a balanced life, remember the little things, make people smile, and hopefully you will have a full and content life along the way.


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