It's a Crazy, Mixed-Up Life…

Mood for the day?  Not in a particularly bad mood, but not in a flawlessly stellar mood either.  It was a crazy mixed-up week that had a roller coaster ride of emotions passing through it as well.  Now, it is the weekend and I don’t have anything particularly important going on, except the one year anniversary yesterday, which was a happy and memorable event (even from 1400 miles away).

I feel complacent, but not in a completely dissatisfied way; perhaps with a touch of indifference.  I hate a lot of things that went on and continue to persist, but I have so many things to be thankful and happy about.  I suppose that is why they say life and relationships are all about “give and take”.  We give a little, we take a little.  Balance; life is all about balance, and I feel like last week was all about the “take” from me, and I just need something to replenish the “give” right back to me.

That, and I am pretty sure I am tired, slightly sickish from the monkey monster, and just a bit drained from the previous week.

The start of the week was all a mixed-up version of doom and gloom.

Then, I made some decisions for myself, and even though certain things in life will either constantly be in a state of change or other things will always stay in a perpetually frozen moment, I always have myself to fall back on.  Meaning, I know I can rely on “me” in this world and I will always come through for myself, no matter what goals I have to temporarily sacrifice or how I sometimes have to bend my will for others to meet with the “greater good” (A term I have always felt was slightly stupid; if it is already good, why does it need to be a “greater” good?).

At the end, it was still kind of mixed-up crazy, but at least there was a smile rather than the doom and gloom.

Anyway, I am rambling, which I do quite frequently, but the moral of this posting people?  I suppose that would be: 

Life is going to get crazy, mixed-up, forward/backward, upward moving, and down turning, however, if you can look towards yourself and make the changes you can live with yourself for making or stand firm to the things you believe to be true and correct, then perhaps it will be a productive and accomplished life for you to lead.

That’s my story and I’m sticking to it!

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