Priorities…Awww Maw, Do I Hafta? It’s The Weekend?!?!

It may be a silly title, but it is true.  I need to prioritize some things.  Reconsider the importance of things in my life, shift the list around, and go from there.

I need to stay motivated on things that are of importance to me and remove the stuff that is bogging me down; even if they are things that I think are important now.  What is that saying?  Old habits die hard?  Well, I need to drop some of the old habits that put me in a place of negativity.  Easier said than done, but I believe it can be accomplished.

I have continued my research into a 30th Birthday in Japan, Tokyo to be exact, and I think it may be feasible.  Even if it is just me on my own.  I will be there in mid to late March, so the Sakura Festival would be going, which I have always wanted to witness, and there is a Ghibli Museum that I found out about as well.  Seeing the shrines, tasting the food, and taking in the culture for a few days seems like a great way to celebrate the transition into my 30’s.

I am refocusing some efforts on my painting.  Interesting to say the least.

I want to make an effort, ya’ know?

So, the efforts start today…


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