A Bucket List of Sorts >.>

I have decided…

To put a plan into action.  Not just any plan, mind you, but a plan to do things; see things and go places I want to experience.  What this requires?  Well, money of course.  Time off of work and planning things either with the midget with me or not with me as well.

A few things I want to plan include:

The One Year Anniversary, which is a check.  Presents purchased and the September John Mayer concert are already settled.  I won’t mention that the actual anniversary is August 6, 2010.  Oops, I guess I said it, but the concert is worth the wait.

Birthdays; not quite as simple.  I have my boyfriend’s birthday and the little one’s to figure out.  He will get here after is actual birthday, but I still have to do something for it.  Such tough decisions with that one.  Things to ponder…

The next thing to plan, or at least consider, is my 30th birthday.  I am half dread about this one.  The other half is equal parts denial and numbness.  After my little doctor visit and seeing pictures of my friend Corey in Spain, I decided that I want to make my 30th special.  Consider it a turning point in life.  I want to be motivated to see the things I always “say” I want to see, but find other, more trivial, things to occupy my life.

So, the big plan is to get a passport, research the heck out of places I have always wanted to go, then pick one, save my little butt off, and then go on this carefully researched and planned trip for my birthday.

After that, I will begin adding to this list.  So far, anniversaries, birthdays, holidays, and “a big trip” see like the only things I should try to put on my plate.  I will keep this updated, but will more than likely not be the focus of this blog…Well, at least not until I start putting this stuff into action!  =)


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