Time and Time Again…

It goes by fast, doesn’t it?

As I sat in the room, talking to my doctor, I realized how fast it all seems to go by.  A ton of changes lately; “The Librarian” has moved on to a better job, “The Assistant to the Librarian” will be moving away before you know it, and it just seems “off” now.

I know things can’t stay static forever, and new things can be equally as beneficial as keeping things tried and true.  We have the new “ISS”, which is turning into a really neat thing.  Some older friendships aren’t existent, but it has made room to investigate other possibilities and other avenues, which has proven to be positive in my life and I hope in theirs as well.

It can be tough at times, when things you want to change; would, and things you would like to keep forever; don’t.  I guess that is why we live in the really real world and not in a place called “perfect”.

Anyway, what brought this about was talking to my doctor.  I only see him once a year (sometimes), and I was finally the good patient/mom who brings in pictures to show the development of the offspring.  That’s right, I have many nicknames for my daughter lol.  Back to the subject, he asked me how old she was, and I replied with, “7 and will be 8 in January.”  He said, “It goes by fast doesn’t it?”

Of course, now I sit there and ponder that thought.  It does, I continued to think.  Questions follow about my future and plans; crazy to think that I have a myriad of aspirations, but no real “hard and fast” plans.  At this point, I am driving home and contemplating things more.  I have known this particular doctor since I was pretty young; my mom worked for his practice back in the day.  So, to him, seeing me as a grown woman and almost in my 30’s probably makes him realize how fast time goes by, and for me, I see him graying and talking about his kids as adults and I see how fast it moves.

The point of this…

I realized that it does (time) go by fast, but it is what you do with that time, while you have it, that counts.  I may do more aspiring than planning at this point in my life, but it will probably not always be this way.  As long as I enjoy the ride or the journey, who can really say it wasn’t fruitful? 



I am the only one, with my perspectives and insights, who can decide if it has been the life I have wanted to lead.  So….

Until next time, I wish everyone out there a safe, healthy, and productive “really real life”.


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