Happy it was a Fast One….

Another week down.  Another weekend to be had, YAY!

Can’t tell I am happy about this at all, can you?

I am thankful that I was able to feel a lot better over the course of this week, but post 3:00 PM is when things would and do get sore again.  Today will be full of all the things I have been putting off…

  • Taking out the trash
  • Cleaning the dishes
  • Washing laundry
  • Swimming in the pool (maybe)
  • Grocery shopping
After that, I can look forward to a nice, pleasant weekend with “the midget”.  Her previous visit was a whirlwind sort of time.  Spending the holiday weekend in another state, her first plane ride, upgrading to first class, meeting all sorts of new people, going to a fun interactive museum, no bedtimes, and of course, NO SCHOOL!!!   

Once we made it home (very late), it was time to turn around and get back to the daily grind; the routine.  Tuesday was a tough day, then Wednesday I hit the pole, Thursday she spent the day with “Auntie” and the evening with a very sore and medicated Mommy, and Friday it was back to Dad’s house to start the cycle all over again.

Some highlights from the trip:

Yup, we are goofy kids; all of us.

My little monkey girl!


Fishing Day – Group Photo

She was taking after me…

…except, I caught the big one! =)

Although, with all the dumb stuff aside from the back end of last week and into this week, I had a splendid time and I know she did too.  We will enjoy our quiet and less crazy weekend…But…

Enough with this web chatter.  Time to head out i.r.l. (for this one it might as well say “into real life”, which seems appropriate today)!


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