-.- !It’s Not Like GTA, That’s For Sure! -.-

Wednesday night, I was in a rush to get so many things done and I ended up with the tail end of my car hitting a utility pole.

Long story short; it wasn’t like a video game…That shit hurt!

One of the positives (If we should call it that) was that I snapped some pictures this morning of the car and pole.  It started out with pictures for posterity’s sake, but then I went a little further and did some manipulations to colors and cropping.

Here are the results:

One Tail Light Part 1

One Tail Light Part 2

One Tail Light Part 3

Aveo on a Wire

Salted Scapes Part 1

Salted Scapes Part 2

Beaten and Broken

Behind The Wheel

Texture Steers

Crooked or Straight?

Shifted Perspectives

Splintered Grain

Wuh Waaaaaaaaahhhhhh!

All pictures were taken by me with my cute little Nikon.  All titles were conceptualized by me.  Show respect; if you want to use them, just ask or give credit. My i.r.l. fail is worth passing on!

After this little event, I am going to train myself to slow down some.  Thanks Mom and Bobby for telling me something I already know.  I am stubborn and this just proves that I need to heed other’s advice sometimes.

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