So, I spent a great deal of time and research to write a blog on Sunday, but I am hesitant to publish it.  Even in issues, this puppy is a lengthy one.

Living i.r.l., I sometimes write various letters to people I will never send, journal entries, and poetry that never goes beyond my own “Documents” folder.  While it may seem passive-aggressive at times, it has more to do with how I deal with my own emotions and other issues in a controlled environment.

This most recent venture had me creating closure for an issue that will never really have closure.  The conundrum with this is that it uses other people’s personal information and feelings in my subject matter and research.  While I do not have FERPA or other privacy concerns of that sort, I do have to consider others feelings in this particular situation.

So, while this particular entry may never see the light of day, I suppose I can take comfort in the fact that I may have a bit of a faux-closure on a particular “thing” that has plagued me on and off again for at least 6 months (give or take).

All I can say is that today has been a terrible, rotten, no good, miserable, horrible, shit-tastic day.  Time to sleep it off and hope for a better i.r.l. day tomorrow.


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