Don't You Just Hate When…

…Things get in the way?

I was really hoping to keep up on this blog regularly, but wouldn’t you know it?  “Real Life” gets in the way! 

So, what’s been going on since my trip, which is almost about a month past now?  Well, life has been going on.  To start, the trip was great.  Catfish feeding, catfish catching (Oh yeah, I am that good lol), and a family cook-out with a tour of the garden and a turtle chase.  We even spent one night talking until 4 AM; listening to music, swapping high school shenanigan stories, enjoying Heineken, and most importantly, making memories.  Even though we missed the concert the next day, it’s like life, we don’t always follow a script; planning isn’t always concrete.  However, inclement weather extended my stay, which I can’t really complain about either.  Going home was tough, as usual, but it is just one of the things you get used to in a long distance relationship (or at least I am trying to lol).

Once I got back into the routine of being home, it was time to become reacquainted with the microphone headset and Skype video calls.  Again, it is a tough transition, but I deal.  As my boss calls me “The Clock”, I tend to focus a lot on “time”.  Time management, routines, schedules, etc.  I am pretty sure that is the most mentally taxing thing about being in a relationship with someone who has a busy schedule in a completely irregular and dependent on others kind of way.  I don’t mean it any kind of disrespectful way, just something I am still learning to live with.  Hard to get someone to understand your micro-routines when they have never had the kind of responsibilities and life experiences that you have had, and vice versa.

Moving on in my month long “catch-up” blog.

Work has been work.  Acclimating to a new work dynamic isn’t always easy and the term has been tough, but I think things are starting to get a little bit better.  Stability is just something that has been lacking there lately.  Some days are awesome and others are the equivalent of root canal.

Fighting with friends over stupid crap is always inevitable and always equally annoying.  That’s pretty much all I have to say about that.

Fighting with you ex-husband about things that shouldn’t be argued about, also inevitable and annoying.  ‘Nuff said.

So, now here we are, in the present…

Preparing for a 4th of July trip, finding things to occupy my free time (-.-), and trying to find something to be engulfed in.

Not that it should bother me, but when people say hurtful things, even when lashing out about their own insecurities and poor judgments in the past, I take them to heart.  I am working on not letting that bother me as much.  Luckily, I have a fairly tight support network that keeps me going, and let’s me laugh about the dumb and inconsequential.

I recently (aka last Thursday) went to a graduation for a branch campus, and was really taken by the words of the guest speaker and honorary Doctorate in Humane Letters recipient.  He spoke about being honest with yourself and not tangling yourself in webs we weave when we deceive ourselves.  When self reflecting don’t get into the practice of ripping yourself down, but rather encourage yourself to do better or stick to a path.  Even if it was designed for the exiting graduate, I found some of what he said to be a life lesson.

Now, hopefully, it won’t be another month until I get back to this blog.  Until the next time, I expect everyone will be out there in the really real world making life happen!


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