Double Standardization

Everything always seems so cut and dry in the textual world; no emotion, no regard for a why or further explanation.  In the real world, there are so many variables.  Layers like an onion; to coin the phrase from Shrek.  There is depth.  So, how is it that when you try to infuse things like feelings, musings, and complexity, it always seems to get muddled in the way people perceive it to be?

For me, being an INFJ, I am so much better with the written, rather than the spoken, word.  Yet, it loses meaning to others who, perhaps, handle the spoken with the greatest of ease.

Mountains could be brought to the size of a mole hill if we could all just learn to communicate in various forms.  I say this as a lesson that should be learned by myself as well.  With communication mediums like chat messengers, Skype, Ventrillo, etc., there is always the ability to learn in the internet environment, and more than likely something that would transfer into the really real world too.

A good example of how it goes from wired to worldly is the relationship I am in with my boyfriend more than 1400 miles away.  Some of our arguments happen in the text and get rectified in the more “real” verbal communication, however, not everything always has a resolution or a compromise.  Sometimes, with distance, the compromise is that it becomes an ignored point.  I can imagine that if we lived under the same roof, we would more than likely have disagreements about taking out the trash, lawn care, or whiskers in the sink.  Yet, those are non-issues in our world.

So, with the really real “i.r.l.” world meshing with the “interweb realities”, it forms a certain set of double standards that sometimes make it more complex, but in the end, make for a very fulfilling and exciting relationship; that I can guarantee.


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