Would You Like a Little CDO With Your OCD?


So, I have this issue with routines, schedules, processes, planning, etc.  I like to quell my i.r.l. chaos with a healthy dose of regimen.  In theory, this should always work according to plan, but I’ll be damned if things (unknown variables) always seem to disrupt my order. =P

With work, it is simple.  Except when silly people try to focus on things that go beyond the scope of the tasks at hand.  Over complicating projects with too much detail and not enough technique, too many bells and whistles without thinking about the ramifications of those actions, etc.  When work is normal, it goes according to plan.  Thus, it extinguishes the chaos.

At home, things are a bit trickier.  Being a single mom (every other week), it becomes less easy to plan.  Sometimes we have homework, sometimes we do not.  Dinners need to be made, garbage doesn’t walk itself to the curb (although, I wish it did), and dishes definitely do not wash themselves.  Side projects come from every avenue, obstacles jump out around every corner, and yet, I somehow get through it.

Sometimes I take joy out of creating a pseudo-plan.  I prioritize what I do in a week.  Laundry started on Monday, picking up the mail is daily, Thursday night means all the trash should be out on the curb for Friday morning pick-up, dinner is a nightly process, packing lunches are done in the morning, grab the phone, make sure I have my keys, question whether or not I want to do some home improvements on the weekend, and the list goes on and on.

Once I get my routine, I am content that I can, a) not stress out, b) not forget things, and c) NOT GO CRAZY! =)

One thing that drives me bonkers is when outside influences affect my judgment.

Even when I seem to be such an analytical person, I am also a very abstract Pisces.  I like girly things (contrary to popular belief amongst the people who know me), I like surprises, I like romance, being carefree (if there is such a thing), going on adventures, and most of all, I like having a partner in crime that just “get’s it”.

Lately, though, I have been in a tough spot.  The side that is all flowery and emotional is taking a back burner to the side that controls the reason.  In real life, I have come to realize, that things will never go the way we plan for them to go, and the best we can really do is just keep a hold of the things we can influence for ourselves.  Things like our moods, our time, our projects, and ultimately our sanity.

We definitely cannot control others.  Their reasonings, their feelings, or their time.  We may drive ourselves crazy trying to do that.  Today’s moral to the story has got to be; people who want to be with you, will be, and people who do not, will not.

It is a simple fact, a plain fact.

You cannot, even if you plan your life to a perfect bucket list, make someone love you, care about you, spend time with you, or anything else unless they want to do so in the first place.

It is sometimes the toughest part of being the OCD planner.  Wanting to keep it simple, stupid, when real life has so many other ideas for the way things will turn out.

Perhaps, I should “plan” for this in the future better? =P


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