Welcome to i.r.l.

First of all, if you didn’t catch the title (probably so wrapped up in multitasking with the interwebs), I would like to welcome you to the i.r.l. blog I created for people who live out here, in the ultimate and ridiculously time consuming rpg called life (or for the purposes of this blog, i.r.l.)!

I plan to post regularly on my experiences, lessons learned, and everything in between as I traverse this crazy thing we call real life.

Always feel free to comment if you wish.  I do not moderate others views, but if you do choose to be a troll or flame another person…it will not last long (Just a friendly warning).  This blog is meant to be friendly, even if I sometimes poke fun at stupidity (It is hard not to chuckle at full-on fails).

At the end of all this, I just hope we all get a little wiser and aware of the things around us (Like the badass Sage Froggies from Naruto), and have a good time along the way.

So, let’s begin our trek into the unknown; the i.r.l….


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