Adventures Near OKC

Hey There -Almost time to embark on a little plane style adventures to see my significant other in the "i.r.l.".  Some wonderful notes for this really real world experience include:My first "First Class" plane rideOur first concert togetherSeeing his new placeSurprising him with an awesome presentGeneral lazy time together (w0ot!)I hope to have some good … Continue reading Adventures Near OKC


Double Standardization

Everything always seems so cut and dry in the textual world; no emotion, no regard for a why or further explanation.  In the real world, there are so many variables.  Layers like an onion; to coin the phrase from Shrek.  There is depth.  So, how is it that when you try to infuse things like … Continue reading Double Standardization

Welcome to i.r.l.

First of all, if you didn't catch the title (probably so wrapped up in multitasking with the interwebs), I would like to welcome you to the i.r.l. blog I created for people who live out here, in the ultimate and ridiculously time consuming rpg called life (or for the purposes of this blog, i.r.l.)!I plan … Continue reading Welcome to i.r.l.